Friday, January 12, 2007

Sick Little Girl

Mikayla holds her baby as she takes a treatment. She is quite the little mommy!

Today I stayed home with peanut. She has not been herself since Monday. Craig stayed home with her on Tuesday because she ran a temperature Monday evening, but she was fine all day Tuesday. We even went to dance Tuesday night. She was fine Wednesday and yesterday too, until last night. She's had a cough all week and yesterday we started with the runny nose. Then, she woke up at 11 last night coughing so much that she vomited. We had to give her Motrin for fever, so this morning I decided to stay with her and get her to the doctor. Our doctor's office opens at eight so I called at 8:02, and I was amazed when they had an opening at 9:20 with Dr. Beavers. Several children in Mikayla's class at daycare have had the flu, so that's what I thought she would be diagnosed with. They have also had a case of pneumonia and strep throat, so it was important to me that she get seen. Dr. Beavers listened to her chest as soon as we got there - he could hear her cough. He said she wasn't wheezing, but he heard fluid in her lungs so he diagnosed her with bronchitis. He also said that her right ear looked a little inflamed.

While checking Mikayla's throat he couldn't believe how large her tonsils are. He said they were not inflamed much, and I informed him they are just very large in size. He asked if she snores and stops breathing at night. I answered that yes she snores, and yes she wakes up during the night. He said she needs to have them removed - and listed some of the ways that Sleep Apnea could hurt her later on. Some of the doctors have mentioned that she needed them removed before, but none as adamantly as he did today. Of course it worries me because that's major surgery, and also I have gotten different opinions from several of the doctors even though they are in the same practice. For example, Dr. Berry, our well baby doctor said he wouldn't recommend removing them unless they were giving her problems. So, Dr. Beavers has referred us to an ENT doctor and we will see what he says. If having the surgery to remove her tonsils will help my baby girl as much as Dr. Beavers assured me it would today, then I will agree to it, after all I only want to do what is best for my little girl! Of course I will keep you posted!

Dr. Beavers said to start using Mikayla's nebulizer 3 times a day - if that didn't seem to help increase the treatments to four times per day to clear her lungs. He also put her on Orapred twice a day to help with inflammation, and prescribed a cough medicine to use at night. So our baby girl is on three different meds right now. She is being a trooper through all of this, even the constant cough. We have had a fun day of hanging out. We enjoyed soup and sandwiches for lunch, watched movies, danced, sang songs, read, etc. We got to pick Drew up in the car-pool line at school - something new for all of us and a special treat for Drew because he usually doesn't get to be a "car rider" with me there.

Since we've come home with Drew, they have just been layin' around watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! They are my sweet angels!

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