Friday, October 01, 2010

I love, love, LOVE Christmas!!

I had taken the kids to McAdenville to see the lights the year before, but by the time we got there after waiting in line on the interstate, the lights had been turned off for the night. So, I promised the kids that we would go back the next year. So, one Friday evening in December 2009, after getting some supper, Craig and I took the kids to see the lights. I LOVE McAdenville and would go every year - we had taken the kids once before, but only when Mikayla was 1 and Drew was 3 so they really didn't remember it! It was so much fun to go back as a family and enjoy the beautiful lights and the beautiful night together. I think it is something our children will remember for a long time.
Sitting in traffic, waiting for our turn to enter, Drew and Mikayla were so patient!
My favorite house - I think this is beautiful!

The trees decorated on the lake are really pretty. This picture was taken by Mikayla out of the sunroof.

When we passed this truck, Drew had to get a picture of it. There were lights all over it and they were playing Christmas music from their stereo - very festive!!

One of the many Nativity Scenes along the way - this one is beautiful!!
We had so much fun, and I can't wait to go back this year!!

Christmas at Grandma's 2009

We always celebrate Christmas with my Grandma (my dad's family) the Saturday before Christmas. Last year was no different as we all gathered for dinner, fellowship, and the best part for the kids - presents!! My dad's side of the family is large and we all live reasonably close - Spartanburg, Inman, Boiling Springs, Chesnee, etc. with my Grandma living directly across the street from my mom and dad, but it is hard to get everyone together at the same time. Christmas and Easter is always a time where we can all be together! My daughter and her silly pictures - you can thank her Aunt Jennie for that! BJ, Jennie, Destiny, and Mik just "hanging out".
Jacob, Christina, and Drew love playing together any chance they get!

Some of the kids opening their cards from Grandma - yahhh for money!! Uncle "Shark", not Mark, Destiny, and Jennie having fun. My daddy always loves to aggravate the kids, hence the name, Uncle Shark.

Sweet Keyleigh and Destiny check out their money. I am always amazed by how much our sweet Mikayla and our sweet Keyleigh look alike. Of course, Keyleigh's dad - my cousin and I act a lot alike too, so we might be in trouble!!

My sweet Grandma watches as all of her "Great-Grands" open their cards from her!!

My daddy, his sister, and his sister-in-law (behind) have a pretty surprised reaction when my mom, my brother, my sister, Craig, and I (along with Drew and Mik) present my daddy with one of his Christmas presents (the one from all of us) - a 50" flat screen TV. It worked out wonderfully because Craig mentioned to me about getting that for my daddy, even if we had to get it ourselves, but when we called my brother he said YES. He had been thinking about getting daddy one by himself as well. Then, after talking to my mom and sister, we decided we would do this as a family!

Reaction #2 - We got him this time!!

Reaction #3 - we were really afraid he would be angry with us for doing this for him. My daddy has always been the one who has worked so hard to provide for his family - always putting others ahead of himself. He certainly never suspected this, and we decided to present it to him at Grandma's so that he would not be too angry (since we were, after all, in front of his whole family). My aunt KK and my Grandma are right there giving him lots of support as he takes this all in.

We walked the TV (well, my brother and my sweet hubby did) back across the street and we had to get it set up that night. My sister had written our daddy a sweet, wonderful, tear-jerker of a card to go with it, and my mom had made a beautiful red bow to go around it. My dad has definitely enjoyed this gift this whole year, and hopefully he will be able to enjoy it for many, many years to come!

Snow Decemeber 2009

We were enjoying a wonderful Friday evening as a family in mid-December last year, when we got a nice surprise. All four of us were enjoying "movie night", and as soon as the movie was over, we looked outside to find it snowing. Of course Drew and Mikayla (and mommy and daddy, too) had to get their coats on and head outside to play. It was a beautiful end to a wonderful evening!

Merry Christmas 2009!

Drew and Mikayla pose in front of the Christmas tree last year. Seeing this picture makes me wish Christmas would hurry and get here, this year. However, we are so glad it is fall!! Fall is one of my favorite times of year!!

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