Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Van!!

Last Friday, I went to sign the papers to purchase our new vehicle. It's a brand new 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have never in my life owned a brand new car, so this is very exciting! We all love the van, but I don't think any of us are more excited than Drew and Mikayla. Everyday Mikayla asks if we are going to drive the "new van". I don't think she is completely convinced that we get to keep it. She gets upset when she finds out daddy is taking her to school. It has nothing to do with wanting to ride with mommy, it's all about riding in the van! Drew loves the van too, especially the automatic doors. We may have those worn out in a month! One thing that I really love about this vehicle (aside from its dependability) is all the extras. It has the limited edition package on it so it has dual automatic doors, leather seats, sunroof, seat warmer, am/fm cassette/cd, 6-disc dvd player with headphones and a remote control, sto-n-go seats, etc. I was also really pleased with the deal I got on it - we ended up paying approx. 10,000 dollars less than sticker price. All of the people at the dealership were wonderful as well. The sales manager even insisted that I drive it home Thursday night to be sure it was really what I wanted. They made me feel very at ease! We love our new van - can you tell? - and we feel very blessed to have a newer, roomier, more dependable car to drive! Our new ride!
I still haven't figured out all the buttons!

We love the middle row bucket seats - our old van had bench seats and it made it hard for other passengers to get to the back seat. We also love the leather because it is easier to clean! Both the middle row and back row are sto-n-go which gives us lots of storage space!

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