Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Day!!

Today was the first snow we have seen this year! Both Drew and Mikayla have both seen/played in snow before, but since we live in an area with usually mild winters, we don't see it very often! Unlike the north, when we get snow here people don't leave their houses unless it's absolutely necessary! Everyone takes care of needed supplies and such days before forecasters are calling for any type of wintry precipitation to arrive! It is a big deal because we've gone years before without seeing snow. When we woke Drew and Mikayla up this morning (we got to sleep later because we didn't have school) we told them to look out the front door to see a surprise! They both started jumping and screaming SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! Immediately they were ready to put their warm clothes on and head outside. I got some cute pictures before coming back in to warm up. I was glad I got pictures this morning because it wasn't long after this that it changed to freezing rain and then just rain and the little bit of snow we had melted quickly.
Drew and Mikayla were so excited to see snow covering our front year when they woke up this morning! Can you tell?
They LOVED throwing snowballs at mommy and daddy!

Drew made beautiful snow angels!

He even taught "sissy" how to make them! She did a beautiful job making her first ever snow angels!

Daddy helps Drew and Mikayla build a snowman - they are getting a good start!

Putting on the finishing touches! It was a very small snowman because we had a very small amount of snow - we were lucky to get a snowman at all!

All finished!

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