Friday, February 02, 2007

Circus Fun - All Access Pre-Show!!

Waiting for the doors to open! Drew and Mikayla were so excited to be at the circus and couldn't wait to go in!

On Wednesday night we took Drew and Mikayla to the Ringling Brothers' Barnum and Bailey Circus for the second time in as many years. This year's circus was titled Bellobrations in honor of the famous Bello the clown! Our family had a wonderful time at this year's circus, and we recommend it for "children of all ages"! One of our favorite parts both years that we have gone to the circus has been the "all access pre-show" that allows you on the floor for an hour before the show begins. You get to meet the stars of the show, get autographs, and you can even try your hand at some "circus acts".

Drew poses with Leo, the first clown we met during the pre-show, and afterward Leo signs Drew and Mikayla's book. Drew's keeping his eyes on him!

One clown gave Drew his LARGE golf ball to hold while he signed their book! Drew thought this was super cool since he likes to play golf with daddy and poppi. He had never seen a golf ball this big before!In case you were wondering where Mikayla was in the previous pictures you now know - she was latched on to daddy. Mikayla is not fond of clowns as you can clearly see in this picture. She wasn't about to stand with them or let them touch her! In fact, the only way we got this picture of her with one is because daddy is in it too. Notice the grip she has on his shirt! Mikayla and Drew pose with one of the acrobats. Mikayla was happy to have her picture taken with this circus star, but she still made "bubba" get in the picture with her. Drew was a good sport about it all!

Mikayla and Drew even got to go to wardrobe and dress in a circus costume - how cute!Another clown we got to meet up close and personal and get an autograph from! Drew and Mikayla pose with more acrobats - these are the ladies that fly on the trapeze.
Drew tries his hand - or should I say feet - at balancing on a circus ball with the help of the performers! Go Drew!! The guy in the green shirt was so very helpful making Drew feel at ease about this. He even asked Mikayla if she wanted a turn, to which she replied with a stern shake of her head! We were so appreciative that he took the time to help Drew and to include "sissy"!

All of the circus performers that we had the opportunity to meet were wonderful! You could tell their heart is in what they do, and they really want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves! Our family truly did - it was a night we will never forget! Check back tomorrow for more pictures from the circus - show pictures!!

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