Thursday, February 08, 2007

Saturday Basketball!

Last Saturday Drew had another basketball game. We won't know what to do with ourselves on Saturday mornings when basketball season is over! He played another great game - making almost every shot he attempted. It is so great to see him passing the ball to his teammates more - I am so proud! It amazes me how much Drew and all of his teammates have improved this season in such a short time! Everybody on his team made at least one basket last week, and they all continue to improve with their teamwork! Drew received the white star after the game which stands for most Christ-like! I couldn't have been more proud as I told Drew that's the best compliment you will ever receive because Jesus was perfect in every way! I know none of us will ever be perfect here on earth, but I pray my children will always strive to be like Jesus just as I pray that for myself! Drew dribbles the ball down the court. We are glad to see him hustling more!
Drew just took this shot - you can see it going in!
My daddy holding Mikayla and Breanna - he wouldn't have it any other way, as he loves spoiling kids!
Mikayla poses with Aunt Jennie. Aren't those the prettiest girls you've ever seen?

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Jenn said...

Hey!!!! Awww...some sweet stuff here...that is a good picture of me and Mikayla!!! We should go to Milliken sometime me you and the kids and take some pictures!!! Maybe next weekend or if it is warm tomorrow!!! Well have a GREAt day!!! Love ya sis

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