Sunday, February 04, 2007

Greatest Show on Earth Part II

**This is the final post about our trip to the circus. Go to the 2 posts below this one to see the fun we had at the pre-show and the beginning of the Greatest Show on Earth!

After intermission, we got to see the trapeze artists. This was one of Mikayla's favorite parts. She clapped the whole way through the act! You can tell at this point Drew was getting tired.

This was the next part of the show - it was amazing to watch these flexible ladies.
Drew lasted as long as he could. I thought this was so sweet with Mikayla rubbing his head!

Drew missed this elephants' performance (it's a good thing he got to see them the other times they performed). This was another one of Mikayla's favorites!

Bello and another performer give a breath-taking performance by walking, running, jump-roping, and flipping on these spinning wire cylinders.

The grand finale was the human cannon. This husband and wife team climb down into the mouth of this cannon only to be shot out of it moments later. It was very exciting to watch - I just hated that Drew missed it. He was also pretty upset that he missed it, even though I tried to wake him up with each new act that came out. He was glad that mommy got pictures!

Our family had a wonderful time at the circus! I'm sure this will not be our last trip!

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