Sunday, February 04, 2007

Greatest Show on Earth

We were so excited by the time the circus started! Drew couldn't wait for the tigers as that was what he had looked forward to the most! Mikayla was waiting to see elephants and horses!At the very beginning of the circus the clowns welcome the Ring Master!Next we were introduced to the star of the show "Bello"! Craig and I had seen Bello 6 years ago when we went the year I was pregnant with Drew (he kicked me for the first time while we were there) so we knew what a fabulous show he can put on. We were excited for Drew and Mikayla to see this first-hand! Next we got to see these beautiful horses! Mikayla was amazed and never took her eyes off of them! I asked her if she was having fun after the horses went out and she answered with her hands covering her ears "yes but they too loud!"Then we got to see these acrobats! They had such amazing balance to be able to complete this 5-person tall pyramid! Then these two guys performed on the high - wire. I know it doesn't really look high from the picture but it was suspended from the top of the auditorium. I couldn't believe the stunts they completed on this tiny piece of wire! The moment Drew had been waiting for - the tigers! He couldn't believe that this man was in a cage with ALL of these tigers. He loved when he could hear them roar! Mommy couldn't believe how this one man commanded all these tigers and they followed his commands. You could tell he spends a lot of time with these beautiful creatures and that he loves them. At the end he even gave one of them a kiss!Here is Bello again as he eyes the "girl he loves".When she climbs up this pole, Bello decides to climb up the one right beside her (located directly in front of us). This was part of Bello's act the year Craig and I went, but this year they had added "his love" to the act.Everything that she did, Bello copied. The clown came out in him when he pretended to be terrified. Because the poles sway from side to side at one point they are able to swap poles while they are at the very top.
At the end of the routine, Bello slides down his pole head first and stops himself right before his head touches the floor. This was another part of this act that Craig and I expected. We didn't, however, expect "Bello's love" to copy!
During intermission I took the opportunity to get a picture of Drew and Mikayla after they had finished their icees. Look at those purple tongues!

**See part II from the circus in the post above!

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