Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dance Recital 2009

Mikayla's dance recital for 2009 was held on Saturday, May 30th and the theme for this year was "Every Thing's Coming Up Dance"! Mikayla danced in 6 dances at this year's recital after learning 4 dances in her weekly classes, the opening number at dance camp 2008, and the finale in which all of the dancers participate. Mikayla had so much fun dancing last season and she was able to show off everything she had worked so hard to learn at the recital. She took tap, ballet, jazz, and clogging last year so I included pictures from each of those dances here.
Mikayla dances in the opening number with other girls from last year's summer dance camp! Mikayla and the other girls (Alana, Jadyn, Anaka, Breanna, and Emily) show their tap dance.
Then, those same girls danced their jazz routine!Next, it was time to get Mikayla changed for her ballet dance. She danced this dance with Jadyn, Brooke, and Lana. **Our beautiful ballerina!!**
As soon as she finished her ballet dance, mommy was off to change her costume yet again. This time into one of my favorites - her clogging costume. Mikayla, Lana, Jadyn, and Brooke also danced in this dance. Because it was one of my favorites, I have included more pictures of this dance than of any of them!!
Mikayla and Lana were partners for this dance, while Brooke and Jadyn were also partners.
Mikayla clicks her heels together - so cute!!
Go Girls!!
As soon as she finished her clogging routine, I was off to change her for the last time that evening. We had to get Mikayla in her "school girl" outfit for the finale.
Abbi, Mikayla, and Breanna show off their moves!
The very end where all of the dance students jumped up when their names were called! Mikayla is in between two chickens - Mackenna and Madison.
Mikayla, Breanna, and Emily show off their perfect attendance certificates. They didn't miss any dance classes all season. Breanna and Emily are also holding their trophies - you can see Mikayla's sitting behind her on the stage. She received her 4th year trophy and her dad and I as well as the rest of our family could not be more proud of her! She loves dancing and we hope she always will!!

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