Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Our Dancin' Queen!

I took my camera with me yesterday to Mikayla's dance class (Monday is tap and jazz), and finally felt brave enough to crack the door to get pictures. I have peeked in a couple of times this year, but not as many times as last year because I know Mikayla is dancing (every day she shows us her dances). The times I have peeked in, I only opened the door a crack so that Mikayla wouldn't even know I was peeking. I was afraid she would stop dancing once she saw me, and cry to come with me. Today, when she came over to me in the waiting area and said "mommy, I need my bag" without a hug or kiss or anything I knew she wouldn't care when she saw me taking pictures. When I first opened the door to take pictures, she looked back at me. Then she turned around and focused back on dancing. She did turn around a few more times while I was standing there, and even came over to the door once but when I told her to go back to her color she did. Jadyn leads them like she will lead them onstage in their recital for their tap dance. They are waddling like penguins for their song The Penguin. Behind Jadyn is Lexi and then Mikayla brings up the rear. There are 4 children in this class and Mikayla is the youngest at 3. Jadyn and Timothy are 4 and Lexi is 5. We can't wait to see what their costumes will look like for this song!This is the part of their song where they flip their flippers.

Here they take two steps and fall on the ice!

There are also some neat tap steps with this song that I did not get a picture of this time! Here Mikayla leads them as she will lead them off stage at the recital. I hope this is a good idea - some of you may remember at last year's recital Ms. Nicole had to go out and lead Abbi and Mikayla off stage because they didn't follow the other girls!

Next it was time to change into jazz shoes to practice their jazz routine. They are dancing to Locomotion, and here they are practicing their train with Mikayla as the engine! That's Ms. Andrea helping Mikayla and Ms. Nicole is behind her. Behind Mikayla is Lexi, Timothy, and Jadyn.

Mikayla and Lexi practice one of my favorite parts of their jazz routine as Ms. Andrea and Ms. Nicole look on.

Next Thursday night, I will have more pictures of this dance as they perform at Inman Christmas Stroll. Mikayla will also be performing her Superstar tap routine that she has been learning in her Tuesday night class. We are all looking forward to this! She will also be in the Inman Christmas Parade this year, and she will participate in the Bethlehem Walk. She will also compete in her first dance competition in January. Our little dancer sure is keeping us busy!

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