Wednesday, November 29, 2006


On Saturday, November 25th, the football game we (well I) had waited all season for was played. It was the Clemson/Carolina football game, and I, of course, had predicted all season that the Gamecocks would win! I always held onto hope in previous years, but this year I felt we really had the team and had been executing well enough to get the win. Craig, who most know is a Clemson fan, even said the only thing the tigers had going for them was that they were playing at home - that's right "The Valley"! It didn't matter to me - I was still confident that my boys would walk away with the win and a win at Death Valley would make it that much more special! During football season, we have regular Saturday night cookouts with family and friends while we watch the games. We for sure couldn't miss a get-together for this game. Since it was a day game, we decided to do finger foods instead of a cookout. We had chips and dip, crackers and dip, cheesesticks, fried mushrooms, chicken wings, brownies, a meat and cheese tray, etc. All the good stuff that is not so good for you. It was a nice change from our Turkey and Dressing that we had been enjoying since Thursday! Daddy, Jonathan, (Jess couldn't make it), Jennie, Samantha, Beth, B.J., and "big Drew" came over to enjoy food, company, and of course THE GAME! Of the 11 people at our house, only 3 were pulling for Clemson: Craig, my brother Jonatha, and Samantha (whose uncle is a professor there). You can imagine what our house sounded like when Clemson went for the field goal to tie the game, and the kick was wide left! We went nuts - we were screaming, jumping up and down, and of course giving the three tiger fans a hard time! We all had a wonderful time - and of course we weren't TOO hard on the tiger fans, but it sure was nice to hear them say "wait 'til next year"! GOOOO GAMECOCKS!!

Jonathan enjoys some of the food while giving me a hard time about the game. At this point the tigers were up by two touchdowns. I told you Jonathan - it's not over 'til it's over! "Big Drew", B.J., Jennie, Beth, and Samanth cheer on their teams. Notice all the Gamecock gear!

Daddy just loves to have his picture taken - can you tell?

During half time and after the game, Daddy and Craig got the leaves up out of our yard. Daddy had worked that morning, so he was still in his work clothes. Drew and Mikayla enjoyed getting up leaves as well - well more like jumping in them!

They also loved riding the lawn mowers. Drew laughs as Poppi runs beside him! A.J. in the back just can't wait to get out of his doggy pen. He usually has the whole backyard to roam, but we have to put him in his pen when we have the gates open of course.

Mikayla rides on daddy's lawn mower - a lot slower!

Then, Mikayla had to have a turn on Poppi's with Poppi running beside her.

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Jenn86 said...

THATS right get em COCKS...that was an awesome Game and we had a TON of FUN

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