Friday, August 01, 2008

Vacation - Day 2, Part 2

After going up to the room for lunch, we headed down to the ocean. We had walked some in the sand the first day, but the ocean is not Craig's favorite thing. I'm not one that likes to just sit and bake either, but I do enjoy playing in the sand with the kids, looking for shells, and playing a little in the waves. We had a ball even though we didn't stay out there long because the tide was coming in (not a lot of sand to play in) and the current was very strong (not fun to play in the waves).
Mikayla was not too sure of the water to begin with - she has done this every year. She is a slow to warm kinna girl.
Drew, on the other hand, was eager to jump right in. With water in his eyes, he just wiped them and kept right on going.
Craig and I helped Mikayla get used to the water - she felt more comfortable holding on to a hand. Drew laughs after a wave knocked him down.
Too cute!!
It didn't take her long to get used to it - after she did we couldn't get her out.
Drew loved this water toy that Nana gave him - his was blue and Mikayla's was pink.

After staying a little while down at the ocean, we showered off and headed back to the pool where we swam the day before - the resort had the water park, 10 pools and 4 Jacuzzis which was nice because even though there were a lot of people staying there, we never felt crowded. This pool was actually two buildings over from our building, but we didn't mind walking. On the deck behind our building they also had a "barefoot cabana" with a grill, live entertainment, and so forth. I meant to get a picture of that before we left but didn't!
After spending time in the pool we had to head back up to our room, shower, and change so that we could go to Nana (Craig's mom) and Papa Fred's for dinner. They live in Ocean Lakes year round so it is always nice that we get to visit with them when we go on vacation. They grilled HUGE steaks and they made baked potatoes and salad to go with them for our dinner. They were delicious and we are so grateful to Jean and Fred. They always make us feel welcome and they never act put out by visitors. My family lived at Myrtle Beach for five years while I was growing up, so I know how it can be...

While waiting on dinner to finish, Craig and I took Drew, Mikayla, and Trey (Fred's daughter's son) riding on the golf carts. Three cousins - Trey is a year older than Drew and for the most part they get along really well!Craig and I snuggle close while riding.
Then, after dinner Papa Fred took the boys down to the playground for awhile. When he got back and realized Mikayla was upset because "they left her", he was so sweet and took Mikayla down by herself to play. I couldn't believe she played, but Fred said she had a ball with some other little girls that were down there.

Mikayla swings with Nana while the boys are gone. She was not real happy to have been "left" (she was still eating when the boys left), but she enjoyed spending time with Nana.

Trey and Drew played on the porch while Papa Fred and Mikayla were down at the playground.

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