Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playing Teacher!

Mikayla will often "play teacher" with me, or Drew, or whoever she can get to be her students. She loves to read and write and spends much of her time on those two activities. She also proclaims that she will be a teacher when she grows up. It doesn't surprise me when she wants to play teacher. It is so funny to watch her imitate her teachers. Last year, she imitated the way her teacher licked her finger before she turned a page in a book. This year, Mikayla is imitating how her teacher looks when she is "thinking out loud". Mikayla "plays teacher" and reads to mommy (her student)!
Drew, on the other hand, has never been one to "play teacher", so I was surprised (grateful) after the second day of school when he wanted to do this. He has found a love for school for school that he has never really experienced before and mommy is oh so grateful! He has always enjoyed math and science and learning all he can about those two things. He began reading at 4, and he is on grade level with reading. This is the first year he has ever said "I love reading" since he has started school!
Mommy was so tickled to "play student" for my teacher Drew! He did a terrific job of reading this book to Mikayla and me!
We are so proud of our little "school kids"!

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