Sunday, August 10, 2008

One year, already

Meeting Dr. Rex, our State Superintendent of Education in February at the State Teacher Forum in Myrtle Beach!

One year ago in April, I was selected Teacher of the Year for my school. I anxiously waited all summer for our annual District-wide breakfast and convocation where I was being recognized and awarded along with 12 other Teachers of the Year, one from every other school in our district. I was quite shocked when, after we had each been recognized, my name was announced as District Teacher of the Year for 2007 - 2008. I couldn't believe that I was being given this amazing honor after only 6 years in the classroom. All along I had doubted myself because of the amount of experience I had.

Now, as I sit here on the eve of this year's District-wide breakfast and convocation, I have mixed emotions. I am nervous about sitting on the stage with District administrators during the convocation in front of 1,000+ District employees. I am excited about the opportunity to award the Teachers of the Year from each school for this year, and to help "crown" our new District Teacher of the Year. I am also a little sad that my year as Teacher of the Year has come to an end. It has been an amazing experience - one that I will never forget. The friends I have made while on this journey have become life-long friends, and the help that I have received along the way has been incredible!

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