Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vacation - Day 5

Wednesday was our last day at the beach. After loading up the van, we headed to Broadway at the Beach for a fun-filled day of car-building and glamour fun. We planned before leaving our house that we would take Drew to Ridemakerz and Mikayla to Club Libby Lu while on vacation since both of these are located at Broadway at the Beach. The great thing (that we didn't know before getting there) was that the stores are side by side. These were such terrific experiences for everyone in our family that I plan to post individually about each of them (plus I have many, many pictures from each place).

Drew and Mikayla feed the fish from one of the walkways at Broadway. After car-building and glamour fun, we headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch before our long ride home. We love Johnny Rockets because of the great food and the different atmosphere. It is a throw back to a 1950's diner complete with decor, dancing waiters/waitresses, and ice cream floats. We have eaten there before, and I'm most sure we will eat there again.

Drew and Mikayla share a hug in the booth!

This guy climbed onto the ledge directly behind Craig's head. He was kinna the leader of the group calling out commands and such (I'm thinking he was a manager - notice the street clothes). This was Drew and Mikayla's favorite part of the whole experience!

Another waitress dances beside our table.

Our whole vacation was memorable - even the part where I had to take Mikayla out of Food Lion crying our first night there. Flashbacks from the previous year's trip to Target on the first night came flooding back to me. I'm sure that, yet again, Mikayla was crying because she was so worn out, just as I'm sure someone in that store probably would have thought that I was stealing this little child if she didn't look quite so much like me. The funniest part (at least it's funny now) is that once we were in the car, the crying stopped. We also won't forget Drew getting upset when we had to leave the pool/ocean. He never cried or showed out, but you certainly could tell he wasn't happy about it. He was always the last one out of the water. We had to assure him that we would be going back. Ah, the memories made!

Look for pictures from Ridemakerz and Libby Lu's soon...

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