Friday, August 08, 2008

Silly, Sweet Boy!

Drew is our jokester, always making us laugh at the things he says or trying some new prank. He acts just like his daddy! He asked to take his hermit crab to Mimi and Poppi's in hopes of showing it off, as we were going over there to swim this afternoon. I told him he could take the crab, but that I didn't think anyone would be at their house - I thought they would all be at work. He was thrilled to see Poppi's truck in the driveway when we pulled in. His exact words were "I guess you got told". I couldn't help but smile to myself (I remember using that exact phrase as a pre-teen/teen) as I reminded him that was not a polite way to talk - especially to your mama. Since I have not used that phrase in years and neither has Craig we are guessing he picked this up from daycare.
As we were leaving, I reminded Drew that he would need to carry his crab back out to the car. He replied "I can't, I'm already carrying two things. When I looked at him puzzled because I could only see that he was carrying a drink, he answered my unspoken question with "Poppi's drink and love...for you". My dad and I busted out laughing. Where does he get this stuff?

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