Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vacation - Day 3, Part 2

After lunch, we went in search of the children's activity pool (again), and this time we found it. I was located about a block from our building, but again we didn't mind walking (well mostly we didn't - Drew began getting a little impatient right as we walked up on it). This pool was a wonderful area for children to play, and again I was shocked (grateful) that it was not more crowded. Drew and Mikayla had a wonderful time in this pool, and mommy enjoyed it as well. I sat/laid in the 1 foot deep water and got some sun while having a view of the entire pool so that I could watch them play. Craig, on the other hand, didn't care for this pool as much because there was really no shade. Not only does he not care for water, he is also not a fan of the sun. He did sit with me in the pool for a good long time and he was a good sport sitting on a lounge chair in the heat while our children played and played and played some more!

Drew hugs his sister as they decide what they want to do next. You can see it was a nice large pool with lots to do. There was a whale slide, a dinosaur slide, a water tree, and a tube slide (just like the one that Mikayla LOVED at the water park.

Mikayla slides out of the tube - she could have stayed here all day!

Drew enjoyed just swimming around in the water - going under a lot as usual. Another neat thing about the resort (and something that took a little getting used to) was that all of their pools (or at least all of the ones we swam in) were salt water pools. The first day there I thought the pool just needed to be cleaned even though it appeared very clean (since we were swimming in the late afternoon/early evening), but apparently that's a new pool trend...

Mikayla comes down the dinosaur slide looking just as sassy as ever.

Drew comes out of the tube and immediately goes under the water. Too funny!

Mikayla and Drew walk hand and hand back to our building to rest and shower before going to the rides with Nana.

All cleaned up and ready for the rides. We didn't walk to the rides (although we could have because they were only 6 blocks away - they are actually a part of the resort that we stayed in although they are also open to the public). Nana was meeting us at the hotel (they were walking to the road so she would know where to turn) and we were all riding together - first to dinner and then to the rides.

Our home away from home - the Sea Mist Sandcastle. We couldn't have been more pleased with our accommodations and we will definitely stay there again!

I am making a separate post altogether for our trip to Family Kingdom Amusement Park so look for that soon...

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