Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vacation - Day 2

Sunday morning we got up early and headed across the street to Breakfast at Teena's (one of the restaurants at the resort) before heading to the water park. Since people were lined up out the door there and we wanted to be first (or close to that) in line at the water park, we went to Jason's Cafe for a biscuit instead. We enjoyed our breakfast, and then headed over to get in line at the water park. We weren't first in line, but we were the second family there and our bracelets were numbers 7, 8, 9, and 10. We were able to get two lounge chairs (which were really just a place to put our things - we never lounged) in a wonderful location at the entrance/exit of the lazy river and just over "the bridge" from the kiddie area. I didn't get any pictures of us in the lazy river or the wadding pool/kiddie area because I was participating in those things and my camera is not water proof. However, I did get pictures of Craig and the kids on the 3 story water slide before putting my camera in the locker.

Drew and Mikayla watch as their daddy comes down the slide. To slide, you had to pick up your tube and carry it three stories up (the slide actually launches from the side of a parking garage). Once seated in your tube, you begin to make your descent, curving your way down into this splash pool. Drew started up the stairs with Craig 3 different times and each time he walked back down the stairs to me. Finally after watching Craig enter the splash pool all of those times, and watching other children come down, Drew decided he was going.

You can tell from his face that Drew had a blast coming down the slide his first time! As soon as he got out of the pool, he grabbed his tube and headed up the stairs again.

Mikayla decided she wanted to go down the slide too, so Craig had her ride the tube with him. She was all smiles until they landed in the splash pool and she went under. She was upset because Craig didn't tell her to hold her nose and she got water in it. She decided she didn't want to slide again, and instead enjoyed the lazy river, and especially the wadding pool (where they had two smaller slides - one that Mikayla LOVED) the rest of the time.

Drew, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of this slide, and we pretty much had to pull him away from it.

After spending about 3 hours in the water, we decided to head up to the room for sandwiches. Inside the water park they had ladies who would wrap/braid hair and Mikayla wanted to have a wrap. I was excited for her to have one as well because it seems like only yesterday that I got a wrap in my own hair. I, too, had been on a beach trip, but it had been my senior year of high school.

Mikayla picked light pink, dark pink, and purple as her colors - does that surprise anyone? Here she is just getting started.

And...almost finished

There also was a lady there doing tattoos and Drew had to have one (not real of course, but Drew wants one like his daddy's). He decided on the Batman logo and watched as the lady got started spraying it on.

All done - he was so afraid that it would come off he wouldn't move it - ha.

These posts are becoming very long, so I'm going to begin breaking up the days. Look for part 2 of day 2 coming soon...

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