Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's All About the Shoes...

This past Saturday we had a yard sale - our first in over a year. We mostly had children's things (imagine that) - clothes, toys, shoes, etc. We did fairly well at the sale since baby/children's things tend to go quickly. I enjoy having yard sales as you get to talk to so many different people and those who know me know I love to talk. Since we still live in the community where I grew up, many times during our yard sales I will also see people that I haven't seen since high school. It also gets me excited about cleaning out my house. I never knew it was possible for a family of four to have so much stuff!

Now, I said I enjoy having yard sales, I don't enjoy the preparations or the aftermath near as much. It was also a little more difficult this time because Drew and Mikayla would find things they didn't necessarily want to sale. Drew would say "mom, why are you selling my favorite toy?" When I laughed - because I would think if it were your favorite you would play with it at least once a day - it only made him more upset. Mikayla pulled a couple of stuffed animals out of a box and took them in the backyard to swing. I guess she thought "if I have them back here, no one can buy them".

I missed the funniest part of the whole day. I had to leave about 10 o'clock to register Drew to play soccer again this fall. While I was gone, Craig said a mom and a little girl came up and Mikayla noticed her shoes right off. The little girl had Hannah Montana shoes just like Mikayla's shown above. Craig said Mikayla started crying as the mom and the little girl were leaving. She started screaming "she has my shoes, daddy that girl taked my shoes" while the little girl and the mom kept looking back at her. Craig said I guess she thought y'all are selling all my other stuff, and now my shoes (that I love). Even though Craig kept reassuring Mikayla that those were not her shoes, she didn't believe him until we came inside to get ready for Joy's party. When she saw her shoes she smiled the biggest smile and said "I'm sorry" with relief! I can't wait to share this story with her when she is older!!

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