Friday, July 04, 2008

So Funny!!

Our kids are so funny and it is fun watching them grow into such different personalities! Drew is our rounder who is "all boy", and Mikayla is our girly girl who is bossy and sassy at times. They both are very sweet and most of the time play well together, but they also fight at times like all siblings do.

Drew is more independent, our fearless child, where Mikayla is more cautious. They both like to cuddle giving hugs and kisses, but not so much in public anymore for Drew - especially at school! They both are very strong willed and hardheaded - I'm not real sure where that comes from (ha). Drew is more likely to apologize for his mistakes and move on, where Mikayla tends to hold a grudge (isn't that what boys and girls do...). Drew is all about math and science, science especially. If it crawls, flies, roars, or hops he loves it - he even says he is going to be a scientist one day. Mikayla is all about reading and writing. She walks around constantly with a notepad and pen/pencil or a book. She always asks us to read to her (Drew very rarely does) - she says she's going to be a teacher when she grows up.

They say the funniest things too! Drew is the great big brother, always telling Mikayla what to expect in certain situations, protecting her, and helping her learn new things. His new favorite phrase is "I'm serious", as in I'm not kidding this time. He is quite the jokster always wanting to make people laugh so I think this is his way of letting us know he's not trying to make us laugh - he's being serious. He usually says this after we laugh or smile at something he has told us. That makes us laugh even more!
One of Mikayla's new things to say is "my bad" and she uses it in context so we can tell she knows meaning. I'm not sure where she picked this up because no one else in our house says this. I'm not sure if this is something she picked up from other kids at daycare, or if she's heard my sister say it, or some of the older kids at church. It is funny hearing her say this although I've never really liked hearing people say this before - I prefer "I'm sorry". I have also heard her say "you think?" which makes us laugh coming from a four year old. She seems to pick up on sarcasm easily and will use it just as easily. For example, one of the youth girls was helping with our preschool group at VBS and during recreation one night she was telling one of the little ones to run. She then said "or not" under her breath (or so she thought) when the child still chose to walk. Mikayla repeated these exact words to another child not two minutes later. All we could do was laugh.

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