Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Joy!

Drew and Mikayla were invited to the Swim Center Saturday to help celebrate Joy's birthday. Mikayla has danced with Joy the last three years and, even though Joy turned 11, Mikayla adores her.

I had not been to the Swim Center in years - my brother and I took swimming lessons there when we were little. We would also go often, just to swim in the Olympic sized indoor pool. I have very vivid, fond memories of those times. If I had taken Drew and Mikayla anywhere for swimming lessons, I definitely would have chosen there. As it happened, I taught both of them to swim myself in Mimi and Poppi's pool. When we got there and I realized I had forgotten my camera, I was so disappointed. We were in a rush to leave in the middle of our yard sale (Craig stayed to continue with the sale - read about that soon) and I walked right out of the house without it.
Mikayla was her usual cautious self when we arrived - not wanting to get in the shower (at first) to rinse off before going into the pool area. Once we were in the pool area, she was really worried about the "swim test" which she did not even need to take. This is a test children have to pass in order to swim in the deep side of the pool or jump off of the diving board. Once she realized she didn't have to take the test, she was very comfortable swimming on the shallow side of the pool. Drew couldn't wait to take the swimming test so that he could jump off of the diving board (which is a good bit higher than Mimi and Poppi's). I remember taking and passing this swimming test when I was a child myself, but I remember that it took me more than one attempt to pass it. I wasn't sure if Drew would pass on the first time, but I was hoping he would. To pass the test, children have to jump into the pool from the side of the shallow end and swim all the way across to the other side without putting their feet down. Drew passed on his first attempt - and his smile said it all. I was so proud of him, and couldn't wait to watch him jump from the diving board. He loved it and stayed in the deep end most of the swimming time. Mikayla spent most of her time swimming in the shallow end with her friend Jadyn and Joy traveled between the shallow side of the pool (where the little ones were swimming) and the deep side of the pool (where the bigger kids were).
After swimming, we headed into the party room for cake and to watch Joy open her gifts. Drew and Mikayla had a wonderful time at Joy's party and both mentioned about having their birthday parties at the swim center next year. Even though it is reasonably priced and it would take a load off of my mom and dad to have it at the Swim Center, mom and dad said not to waste our money. I'm glad they feel this way because Drew and Mikayla surely LOVE it!!

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