Thursday, July 31, 2008

2008 Family Vacation - Day 1

Friday night, we went to Ron's to eat with Poppi so that we could tell him, Mimi and Jennie (who were working) goodbye before we left for vacation. Drew and Mikayla laugh with Poppi and talk about the beach. Poppi was asking them how much money they needed on vacation.
The house was clean, the car was packed, and we were headed to Myrtle Beach Saturday morning. Mikayla was asleep quickly after leaving the house, while Drew was relaxing comfortably watching his movie.
We stopped in Bishopville to see Craig's brother, Jason, his wife, Angel, and their two girls Belle and our new little niece Ella on the way. I wish I had gotten pictures of Drew and Mikayla playing with Belle - they had so much fun! Ella slept the whole time we were there, but we still peaked in on her and she is so cute!! Craig enjoyed spending time with his brother and checking out all of Jason's "toys", while I enjoyed talked with Angel and her mom, Denise. We stayed there about 2 hours, but we were enjoying ourselves so much that we really weren't all that ready to leave. Drew and Mikayla were even trying to talk Belle into coming with us. She went and got her "swimmies" and told her mommy she was going to the beach. She decided she would stay home when her mom reminded her that she would be going by herself with us.

When we first arrived at the beach we went to Ocean Lakes while waiting for check - in time at our hotel. We rode the golf cart down to the ocean, visited with Nana, Papa Fred, Uncle Chris and Trey. I also got to see one of my students from last year.

We were excited to check-in and let Drew and Mikayla see the on-site water park at the Sea Mist Resort, our home away from home. They eyes grew wide when they saw it, and they were ready for fun after a long drive! Craig checked us in, got the keys, and we were off to unload the van. After unpacking, we donned swimsuits and went in search of the children's activity pool that the Sea Mist Resort also advertises. We didn't make it to the activity pool, but we found a nice indoor/outdoor pool instead. Craig plays with Mikayla as Drew swims more in the deeper part of the pool. I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole pool to show the little "canal" (to the left) that got progressively more shallow and ended in a "kiddie pool" or the walkway that separated the pool from the hot tub. This picture does show how the pool is part indoor and part out.Drew squirts water on daddy and sissy.Mikayla swims to the steps. She no longer needs a float, and we are so proud of her!

Craig and Drew play in the pool. Craig doesn't like water near as much as me and the kids, so it was a lot of fun seeing him play in the water with them!

It proved lots of fun as we swam for about 2 hours and then headed up to get ready for dinner and a trip to the grocery store to stock our kitchenette.
After returning from the grocery store, Craig and I were ready for bed after not getting a lot of sleep the night before and then driving/riding the whole day. Craig and Mikayla went right to sleep, but Drew and I stayed up a little while longer watching fireworks over the ocean from our balcony. Mikayla and Drew get ready for bed after a long first day - they can be such sweet siblings when they want to be!

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