Sunday, September 23, 2007

Am I Cut Out for This?

Tuesday we had our first Teacher Forum meeting of the year (we will have four of these this year). This year's meetings are led by last year's district teacher of the year. So who will lead these meetings next year (invitations, snacks, agenda, etc)?? You guessed it...ME!! I am terrified. Put me in front of my little ones and I can go on and on...put me in a small group of my peers where we are all conversing and I can go on and on (just ask my husband)...but put me in front of a large group of my peers (not to mention these are all school level teachers of the year and district office personnel) and who knows what might happen. Even though they are all very nice and supportive and I know many of them from working with them before, I worry that I will say/do something wrong. I also learned that I will be attending two conferences (one for enjoyment, and one where I have to create a display about our district), all while completing my state teacher of the year application. I still consider this award an extreme honor especially since I have only been in the classroom 6 years (this is my 7th), and I will remember it always! I think my lack of experience in the classroom (in comparison to many others') is causing me to doubt myself. I'll keep ya posted!

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