Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exercise Class

Well, I have survived two weeks of our after - school exercise class. There are 30+ teachers participating with our "personal trainer" that our administration brought in - pretty awesome right?? I dread the end of the school days on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I know she is going to work our tails off, but once I get in there I have so much fun! And, I feel great afterwards. Since I am not a fan of scales (or what they tell me) I don't weigh myself regularly. I know that some "experts" say weighing yourself regularly helps you lose weight because you can "see" your progress. I feel there are other ways I can "see" my progress - the energy I have, the way my clothes fit, my desire to exercise (amazing for me). My goal is to drop sizes (not worried so much about weight - I know "about" what I weigh anyway), and to get healthier. I have only been this excited about exercise one other time in my life and that was right after I had my daughter when I was attending Curves. That program worked for me, but when I slacked off the weight piled back on. Kristen makes this fun, and she is so enthusiastic about exercise that it rubs off on you (or it has me)! I'm still walking almost one mile every day, and I'm even exercising a little each night at home. I'd say I'm off to a great start - now I hope I can just keep up this momentum!

My goal for the next two weeks (we are going to assess after four weeks) is to make better decisions regarding my eating. Some days I go all day on nothing until I get home and have supper. I know this is not healthy and it is not helping me shed any pounds either. My goal these next two weeks is to get a good breakfast in - not worry so much about lunch (we have 30 minutes and by the time I get my kids seated and things opened for them, well, that time is just gone), and then eat a balanced supper. I also have got to start drinking more water. Ok, so if my brain knows these things why can't I get my arms/mouth to follow??

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Mama Pajama said...

Oh yes. I remember the 10 min. lunch (cramming chips in my mouth before I had to pick my kids up from the cafeteria). Kindergarten teachers probably only get about 4 min. : ). Great job with the exercising!!! The group exercising makes it fun and rewarding. Not that I ever did a group thing like that. But I think it would be fun!

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