Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Week of Dance!

Mikayla had her first week of dance this week. She is taking two classes again this year, but she is taking 4 different types of dance (2 per class). She will continue with tap, ballet, and jazz, but this year she decided to add clogging to that! She would also love to take hip-hop, but mom can only do so much!! It is hard enough to get her there two days per week with school, church, and Drew's extra-curricular's!! She enjoyed her classes on Thursday and Friday as Jadyn, Abbi, and Timothy (from last year) were all there with her. There are also a few new girls and boys this year (one little girl from her daycare) so she is making new friends. She will be dancing 4 dances from last year's recital at Harvest Fest at the end of this month, and she is looking forward to that. She loves a stage...

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Theresa said...

So another star is born :)
Seeing the leotards brings back memories- I think I have the same picture taken of my sister and myself at that age!
Being a teacher myself- I do realize how important it is for kids to find an interest.

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