Saturday, September 15, 2007

There Goes Another Tooth!

On our way home from dance last night I called to see what Craig and Drew were doing. Drew asked how close I was to home, and when I told him we had just left dance he said "hurry mom, I gotta show you somethin'". He said "you'll have to take a picture", then he tried to trick me by saying "I've got this funny shirt on". My first thought was he had dressed up in one of his old Halloween costumes as both he and Mikayla do that from time to time. Once we got home, he greeted me with his hand over his mouth. At that time I thought he was going to try to "scare" me with his Halloween "fangs". When he took his hand down and smiled, I started jumping and screaming! I couldn't believe he lost that top tooth (his first one on top), and he looked just too cute! I asked him who pulled it, and he had to tell me the whole story. He was sitting with daddy watching TV, and he had been wiggling that tooth the whole time. He wiggled it a little too hard one time, and it popped (flew to be exact) right out. Craig got him to the bathroom to rinse his mouth and get the bleeding to stop (sorry to be graphic), and then they returned to the living room to "find" Drew's tooth. They were able to find it on the carpet, and Drew left it for the Tooth Fairy last night. He came in this morning to wake me up and tell me the Tooth Fairy left him 5 dollars again!!! Too bad we just had school pictures taken this past Tuesday, he could have his missing tooth picture in the annual. Oh well, at least we will have this one forever!!

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katy said...

Isn't it fun to see them all toothless!? My youngest son just lost his two bottom ones and my 8-year-old lost both of his front top ones this summer.

Glad you found it on the floor!

Have a great week!

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