Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

To celebrate Labor Day we decided to have family and friends over for supper and to watch (part of) the Clemson/Florida State game. We were planning to cookout, but decided to get hash instead. Food was delicious and the time with our family and friends was precious as always!
As for the game: Craig and his family are huge Clemson fans, and the "Bowden Bowl" is always a big game to watch! Craig loved the first half of the game, but during the second half he was getting a lil' frustrated!! Drew and Trish play with the Nerf guns while waiting on supper. Poppi, and Uncle Jonathan were also in on the act. Jennie enjoys her food!
Drew pours his own tea with daddy's help. Look at my poor husband...he didn't have any clothes, so he had to wear mine! LOL I really just think he wanted all the attention on him - he said "what do you think they'll say about my clothes?"

Poppi and Mikayla acting silly - you can tell my dad LOVES to have his picture taken?
Jonathan shares a chip with Jessica. Don't let that sweet smile fool ya - Mikayla has her Mimi (and Poppi too)wrapped around her little finger! Drew does as well - here he's being our silly little monkey!

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time tonight! Craig recovered once the time clock of the game read 00:00 and the scoreboard showed Clemson had won!

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BeccaGirl said...

Oh the clothes on your hubby!!! What happened to his clothes? That is tooo funny! At first I thought, is that a kilt? Nope, just a ladies skirt! LOL

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