Sunday, September 30, 2007

4th Soccer Game

Saturday was a busy day for us. Drew had a soccer game and then Mikayla was scheduled to dance with her dance company at a local Harvest Fest. We were excited to see how they both would do. These two sure keep us busy, but we enjoy every minute of it - especially watching their faces as they do what they love! Drew loves playing goalie, and has started in that position at 3 of the last four games. He does a pretty good job and has only allowed one goal scored against him! Here he is getting ready to start the game.
Drew kicks a ball into play - he got the ball across the line at half field!
In the other two quarters (he sat our second quarter) that Drew played in, he played forward. He enjoys this part as well, as he gets to run and try to score! We all enjoy cheering him on!

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Theresa said...

Go soccor mom! Great pics.
I tagged you for a meme at my place -thought I get to find a little bit more about you.
Have a nice week.

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