Saturday, September 15, 2007


I was in the middle of my "I got and award" post (see below) last night when we lost power. It rained off and on all day yesterday here (I won't complain though, because we sure needed it.), but it started storming last night. At one point there was a tornado warning issued about 30 minutes from us. I don't mean to complain about not having power or access to internet while others were experiencing such severe weather. Just wanted to share the reason I didn't have these posted yesterday!

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Mama Pajama said...

Don't you hate that! We lost internet last weekend for over 24 hours...and I thought I'd scream. I guess I'm getting addicted to blogging (sounds really dorky out loud :) Anyway, I'm glad to pass on the award to you. Drew looks so cute with his missing tooth! I love how he was trying to scare funny. Uh oh, I better go check on my little's too quiet.

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