Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jonathan and Jessica's Game

Wednesday night, we went to watch Uncle Jonathan and Jessica play softball - this was not their first game but it was the first one we had made it to. They are playing on a coed team for Quality Home Medical (the company my brother does some work for some). This is the first year Quality has played in an organized league, so they are doing well considering that. At the game we attended they played a team that has played softball for a LONG time (this team also plays in many different leagues). The way they played you would have thought the players ate, slept, and breathed softball. They scored 15 points to Quality's 0 to end the game with the 15 point rule. We did get to see Uncle Jonathan catch a couple fly balls for some outs, and we watched him get the only hit for Quality - a single. Hey, the most important thing is that they are having fun, right? We will be going back to watch more - and I'll have to be sure not to leave my camera at home! :)

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