Monday, May 28, 2007

New Pets

All Drew has talked about since he studied birds in Mrs. Batson's class is birds. Since he is so interested in them, Craig has been hinting for awhile that he wanted to get Drew one. Well, he couldn't stand it any longer. Today he went and got two birds, one for Drew and one for Mikayla. Drew went with him to pick them out. The blue one is Drew's (of course), but it is a girl so he named her Caroline. Mikayla's (the green one) is male so she named him Cole. Caroline is named after a little girl in Drew's class this past year, and Cole is named after a little boy that has been in Mikayla's class since they were infants. Craig assures me that he, Drew, and Mikayla will take care of these animals (feed, water, and clean)!! We shall see...

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