Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun with the Birds

With those big ol' gloves you'd think they were holding hawks or some huge bird like that. However, these birds are not tame and they do like to peck and since these are my kids we are talking about they will wear the gloves!

Today, Craig let the birds out for the first time. Yesterday they just needed time to settle. Drew couldn't wait to get them out and hold them. He wondered why they weren't flying around their cage. Today he asked when they were going to build their nests. He expects them to be exactly like the birds you find in the wild. Drew had a lot of fun playing with Caroline, however, Mikayla was a little more like mommy and screamed whenever they got too close. She finally decided to hold Cole, and I even got a picture of her smiling while she did. The moment after I took the picture Cole (the bird) decided that he wanted to walk up Mikayla's arm. As soon as he stepped from the glove onto her arm Mikayla screamed, shook him off her arm, and jumped around like she thought he was still there. I wish I had caught all that on video. Both Cole and Caroline survived their field trip today, and who knows, this may become a daily routine - with Craig of course because mommy just likes to look (and maybe pet just a teeny bit)!

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