Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dress Rehearsal for Recital

Friday night Mikayla had her dress rehearsal for this year's dance recital. This is the culminating event for a year's hard work! Mikayla has taken two split classes this year which means she has learned 4 different dances, plus the dance for the finale. Add to that the dance she learned for the Miss Rising Star pageant and it's easy to see that she has been a busy little girl this year. Mikayla has loved every minute of dance, and she has made many friends! Timothy, Jadyn, Lexi, Annabeth, and Mikayla wait patiently for their turns to dance at the dress rehearsal.
Mikayla and Jadyn practice the finale dance during dress rehearsal. This is the dance that all dancers participate in (including Miss Andrea and Miss Nicole) at the very end of the recital.
Timothy, Lexi, and Mikayla practice their penguin dance. Typically during dress rehearsals Miss Andrea has them wear their costumes but since she had seen this dance in competition this year she did not need to see them in costume. Recital is always an exciting time of year, but it is also sad as it brings another dance season to a close. Last year Mikayla couldn't wait for dance classes to start up again and I'm sure this year will be no different!

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