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Recital 2007

Rising Star Dance Company's 7th annual recital entitled Broadway Melodies was held Saturday, June 2, 2007. Mikayla was set to dance in five dances in this year's recital and was super excited about it. More excited than mom as I was very nervous about changing her into five different costumes. I am glad to report that changing all costumes went very smoothly and we did not delay a single dance!!

"The Locomotion"
The first dance that Mikayla danced in at recital was her jazz dance to The Locomotion. This is one of Mikayla's (and the fans) favorite dances. You might remember from an earlier post that Mikayla and her friends won a first place gold trophy and placed fifth overall at a recent competition with this dance!

Timothy, Jadyn, Lexi, and Mikayla

It hard to believe that that's my baby girl!

The smile says it all!!!

"Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep/Lullaby of Broadway"
Mikayla's second dance of the afternoon was her ballet dance. This was such a sweet dance, and Mikayla enjoyed pretending to sleep!

Look at those toes pointed out perfectly!

Our ballerina looked so sweet - I couldn't resist a close-up!

Mikayla leads Annabeth, Abbi, and Kailey in a circle. You can't see Kenyon in this picture, but she was standing at the far right of the stage.

At the end of this dance the girls "go to sleep"!

After she finished her ballet dance, Mikayla came out into the auditorium (with Ms. Allison, Abbi's mom) to see us. Mimi and I got a quick picture of her sitting with Aunt Jennie. After we got this picture it was off to change her for her next dance. On our way out of the auditorium we ran into Poppi and Drew coming back in. After hugs for them we were on our way again!

By the time I got Mikayla changed for her next dance it was intermission. (I can't wait to see the video as we missed many dances while changing.) This is where I found Drew, Poppi, and Daddy. They were outside playing on the lawn - a fun way to pass the time.

"Super Star & Give My Regards to Broadway"

Mikayla's third dance of the evening was a tap dance. You may remember from a previous post that the girls won a 1st place trophy, and placed in the top 10 overall in a competition with this dance.

I hope that Mikayla always enjoys dance as much as she does right now!

"What a star - yeah!" Abbi, Annabeth, and Mikayla finish the routine!

"Doing the Penguin"

The fourth dance of the evening for Mikayla was another tap dance - her "penguin dance". Everyone loved the costumes with this dance. You may remember from an earlier post that Mikayla and her friends won a 1st place gold trophy at a recent dance competition with this dance!

Look at our "penguin" go! Too cute!!

The Finale: "42nd Street - The Audition"

In the finale dance all of the dancers, along with Miss Andrea and Miss Nicole, dance together.

All of the younger girls watch as Miss Andrea dances onto stage.

Miss Andrea had told me before that this was a very hard dance, but that Mikayla tried every step just as the older girls did! We were very proud to see her trying her best!

What a terrific end to a fantastic show! Congratulations to the cast of "Broadway Melodies"!


Annabeth, Lexi, Mikayla, and Jadyn wait for awards!

Mikayla accepts her certificate for perfect attendance this year. She had missed a few classes because of conflicts with Drew's baseball schedule and her surgery. Mikayla LOVES that Miss Andrea allows her students to take make-up classes when there are times that missing is unavoidable. I will never forget Mikayla asking to go to dance the Monday after her surgery. It broke her heart when I told her she wouldn't be able to go to dance for a couple of weeks.

Mikayla poses with big brother Drew after awards. Notice the medallion around her neck - she received that for completing her second year of dance with Rising Star! I missed getting a picture of Miss Nicole awarding her the medallion, but at least we have it on video!

More pictures at the conclusion. Mikayla was very tired! Mimi and Poppi took us to supper afterwards, and she fell asleep on the way home.

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