Friday, June 08, 2007

Final Day of Dance Camp

On Friday morning, Mikayla got ready to head in for her last day of dance camp 2007! She went to her dance studio every day last week from 11:30 - 3:30 for camp. While there, the campers (nineteen of them total) enjoyed lunch, worked on crafts, learned many different styles of dance (tap, ballet, jazz, clogging, hip-hop, Irish step, etc.), learned how to apply stage make - up, and various other activities. Mikayla had a ball at camp every day so when it came time for the sleepover on Friday night she was super excited!! Daddy, Mommy, Drew, and Mikayla went and got supper and then took Mikayla back to the studio for the sleepover Friday night! Mikayla says good night to daddy and Drew before going inside.
"I can do this mommy - don't worry, I'll be fine!"
There were already several girls there when we arrived. Mikayla sits in Miss Nicole's lap and takes a picture while watching the other girls. I was surprised that she stayed because Jadyn hadn't arrived yet. I saw Jadyn and her mom going in as I was coming out. I thought Miss Andrea would have to call me to tell me to pick Mikayla up because I didn't think she would stay the night. She did though, and when I picked her up on Saturday morning Miss Andrea said she was really good. She didn't cry at all! Our "baby girl" is getting so big!!

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