Saturday, June 23, 2007

Final Pictures from Golf Camp

Thursday I wanted to get some final pictures of Drew at camp. I knew that Friday they would be playing the par 3 and I wouldn't be able to get any close-ups. Drew practices on the chipping green and gets instruction from his coach.

Drew watches the ball he just hit on the driving range. I'm glad I don't have to pick up all those balls!Drew and his group on the putting green practice their putting. Drew had so much fun this week - Garrett, Bryson, Blake, and Drew were all out there. He also met some other great friends these last two weeks. He was sad Friday morning when he realized that would be his last day of camp! He has learned so much - who knows we might just have a PGA champion on our hands!

These two pictures were taken on Friday - you can tell how Mikayla and Breanna spent this last week!I love this picture of Mikayla with her red mustache from her Hawaiian Punch. Breanna and Mikayla LOVE Blake's little brother Hunter. They spent this week pushing him in his stroller, feeding him, making him laugh, etc. They were quite the little "mommies"!

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