Monday, June 04, 2007

More Swimming!!

Mikayla had her first day of dance camp today - her first ever day at a summer camp! She was super excited to go, and couldn't wait to see all of her friends. I was surprised to see the studio filled with 30+ children for camp. When I told her bye, she simply popped me a kiss from across the room and said "love you mama". I knew right then she would be fine. After checking one last time to make sure that Miss Andrea had my cell number (I have never left her at the studio before - I always wait for her in the waiting room during dance classes. Since camp is four hours long, Drew and I were not staying), Drew and I headed to daddy's work to take him and Jennie lunch. From there we were off to the pool until time to pick Mikayla up from camp.Look - no floats!! Drew loves swimming with the batman flippers that Mimi got for him. He especially likes the arm pieces as he can squirt webs (water) with them. After Jennie, Drew, and I picked up Mikayla from dance camp we headed back to Mimi and Poppi's to meet Josh for more swimming. Daddy also planned to join us but got called back to work instead. Swim like a fish!

Mikayla loves her flippers too!

Catch me Jennie - don't let me go under!

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