Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fun at the Library

Drew and Mikayla read books to mommy while they wait for a "reading coach" to conference with them.

Our school, like our public library, offers a summer reading program. Drew and Mikayla are signed up for both (blame the teacher in me). The great thing about our school's program is that it is based on the 100 Book Challenge Program which our district uses as part of our Language Arts curriculum. It is a program that rewards children for the amount of time they spend reading, but there is also a conferencing component of this program that guides instruction. At the summer program, the kids read and they conference with one of the "reading coaches" there. They are awarded Bulldog Bucks for the amount of time they spend reading and they can spend the bucks at the Bulldog Store. The children also "check-out" two new books each day when they return the books from the previous day. One of the computer labs is also opened on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the children to use. It is not required that you use this program every day (or even at all), but Drew and Mikayla LOVE this and we have spent more time at our school this summer than at our public library!

On this particular day, Drew reads with Mrs. Menzer (our Principal's wife who also teaches at the Junior High school), and Mikayla reads with Mrs. Vaughn (a teacher at our school).

I love these three pictures because they show how much fun Drew and Mikayla have during the conferences. In the top picture, Drew is reading while in the above picture he is answering questions. In the middle picture Mikayla is answering questions, while in the above picture she is "reading". These are the same things we do at home when we read, but it is different with others! The laid back atmosphere really helps the children feel comfortable - especially Drew (who told Poppi earlier this month "it's summer, I don't have to read"). I'm not sure what ever gave him that idea, but as you can see he was wrong!

They both love computers, and they play on Starfall at home all the time. They both enjoy getting on the computers at school just as much, especially Mikayla - I think it makes her feel like a big girl!

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