Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Outdoor Fun

This morning Drew, Mikayla, and I headed to The Creek for another day of golf camp. I was able to get better pictures today as Drew's group was on the chipping green. My intentions were to get some of him on the driving range as well, but I missed those today (mommy was talking) - hopeful tomorrow!Drew and some others in his group practice chipping with the help of their coach. More children have attended golf camp this week - even a few girls!After we left golf camp we headed to the park where we were meeting Jadyn, Trevor, and Ms. Amy. Amy and I had decided to do picnic lunches from MacDonald's and let the kids play for awhile. Mikayla had not seen Jadyn since dance camp and couldn't wait for today to get here!
I just realized they are from oldest to youngest in this picture (leave it to a kindergarten teacher to notice that)! Drew - 5, Jadyn - 4, Mikayla - 3, and Trevor - 2Mikayla walks across the suspension bridge. When they first started playing Mikayla would not cross it without mommy right beside it. By the time we left, she was moving across on her own! She's definitely our slow to warm up child.
I really wish this picture had turned out better - I love Drew's smile here!
As Mikayla warms up to the suspension bridge she gets a little help from Jadyn.
The serious side to Drew - we don't see this too often!
Sweet picture of sister and brother.
Mikayla and Trevor try their hand at tic-tac-toe.
We had such a fun time playing with Jadyn and Trevor at the park today! The kids were all super excited to know that Amy and I plan to bring them back again next week.

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