Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hair Cuts

Drew and Mikayla decided to cut their own hair today - ahhhhhhhh! While we were waiting on daddy to come home from work they were playing in our bedroom and I folded laundry. I had just finished folding one load and was waiting on another load to finish drying when Craig came home. Mikayla runs past me on her way outside to greet daddy and Drew comes in the living room and says "me and Mikayla cut our hair". I really couldn't tell a difference in Drew's hair (he cut his at the crown, and it helped that his was already so short to begin with) so my attention quickly changed to Mikayla. I could see her ponytail still in tact out the window so all I could think was "her bangs!". Sure enough she had cut her bangs - these are the same bangs that we had been letting grow out for so long (she wouldn't keep a hair bow in and letting her bangs grow was the way I found to keep it in - she knew if she took the bow out her bangs would be in her eyes). After another lecture that "we only use scissors to cut paper" (I was sure my kids got this!), and "Mimi is the only one who cuts your hair" I called my mom to see if she would help straighten their hair out. I was SO thankful that Mikayla did not cut her long curls!! So, here is a before picture of Mikayla - from earlier today at the park. Her bangs are in her eyes here because she had pulled them out of her ponytail to play with while sucking her thumb. Those of you who know Mikayla knows she does this when she is tired. Earlier this week at the pool before we became hair stylists...
... and after Mimi cut our hair today. It is easy to see from these pictures that we are so fortunate - it could have been a lot worse. By the time Mimi gave Drew a haircut that was much needed anyway you couldn't even tell that he had cut his own - the only way you could tell before Mimi cut it was by looking at his profile. It was my intention to get a picture before we went to Mimi, but I forgot until after she had cut their hair - imagine that! I will still be able to pull Mikayla's hair back - I tried as soon as we got home. She is still pretty as a princess to us, and in Mikayla's words "they will grow back". We did, however, make it very clear to Drew and Mikayla that they are NEVER to do this again!

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CUTE kids!

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