Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Saturday, we went to Tyler's birthday party at the skating rink. We have known Tyler since he was an infant. He and Drew are only 2 weeks apart and they have grown up together at daycare! Tyler was also in my class this past year. Drew and Mikayla have been so excited since finding out about the party and couldn't wait for Saturday to get here!"I really want to go out there." When Mikayla first got her skates on she was a little weary about going out on the floor.Drew can skate pretty well now. The only time we go skating is for birthday parties, but he's been a few times with Extra Edition.Tyler, the birthday boy, and Allie - it was Allie's first time ever skating, but you wouldn't have been able to tell! Doin' the Hokey Pokey - once Mikayla got out on the floor we had a hard time getting her to come off!!Tyler blows out his candles as Bryson, Drew, Mikayla, and Maddi look on.
Mikayla is all smiles after her cake!
Bryson, Drew, and Mikayla - look at that little girl go!!
Mikayla spent a lot of time skating with Maddi - they became fast friends! You can't tell by looking but Maddi is actually a year older than Mikayla.

Drew and Mikayla had so much fun at Tyler's party. Drew is sooooo looking forward to his in 2 weeks!

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