Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kids Say the Funniest Things

I've always said I could write a book full of the funny things I hear kids say! Drew and Mikayla keep us laughing and the children in my class say funny things too! I'm always sure I'll remember what they say when they say it, but I find it hard to recall some of the cute things they've said. So, to help me remember and to bring this humor to you, I will post some of the funny things Drew and Mikayla say on here. I've added a new label for these post - Kid Talk.

An example of this: Last night we took the kids to see the fireworks at Red, White, and Boom. When we arrive Mikayla was having a hard time unbuckling her seat belt so she asked Drew for help. He answers "that's not my responsibility". I'm thinking we will be spending a lot more time teaching this virtue.

Mikayla's country accent accounts for a lot of the funny things she says, for example, when we are in the pool she might say "take me to the letter (ladder)". Another word that she says quite frequently that tickles us is "yesherday", as in "I saw that yesherday (yesterday)".

These are the things I'll be able to remind Drew and Mikayla of when they are older. My family kids my sister (who is seven years younger than me) all the time because when she was very young (1 or 2) she would roll/flutter her eyes every time someone said "keep digging Marvin". We aren't real sure where the saying came from because we don't know anyone named Marvin, but it was still funny to see her do that nonetheless!

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