Monday, June 04, 2007

New Truck!!!!

2001 Dodge Ram
You may remember from an earlier post that we purchased a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan back in January. Well, Craig has been looking for a new(er) truck for awhile also. He liked the one that he had as it had served him well, but it was just too small. Let's face it - there is not a lot you can haul in a Mitsubishi Mighty Max. So, today after leaving work early he headed over to Lyman to look at this truck. He called me as we were picking up Mikayla to tell me that he was getting it. I am very happy for Craig because I know how long he has been looking! I am also excited because our whole family can ride in this truck as it has an extended cab - this is Drew and Mikayla's favorite part!!

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