Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Little Fish

We have been swimming every day since we got out of school with the exception of yesterday. You would think we were raising little fish instead of little darlings. They would sleep in the pool if we let them! Today Drew and Mikayla were excited to find a surprise Mimi got for them to use in the pool! After we had sunscreen applied and before we went outside I had to get a picture!
Look at that new swim gear!
Drew is eager to try out his new "fins".
Mikayla was eager today as well!Look at them swim! Drew is not wearing floaties at all as long as someone is at the pool with us (Jennie was today). If it is just me in the pool with the two of them, I have him wear floaties. He knows this rule and doesn't fuss about it - he is just grateful to be swimming I'm sure! However, he is very excited to have someone swimming with us because he really doesn't like to wear the floaties.
We had so much fun today, and I'm sure we will be out there tomorrow as well! There is nothing like summer vacation!!!

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