Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Cookout!

We had my mom and dad, my sister, and my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner tonight. We all had a fun time eating, laughing, talking, and playing with Drew and Mikayla. This marks the first cookout of the season, and we are looking forward to many more! Craig cooks the hamburgers and hot dogs. My brother also brought his charcoal grill over to grill some "hog wings". I know what you are thinking - gross right? But they are really not hog wings (hogs can't fly), they are really some kind of pork riblet.
Drew practices his golf game while the food cooks.
Mikayla patiently waits for her hot dog. We are letting her bangs grow, but they get in her eyes big time when she doesn't have a bow in.
Uncle Jonathan gets ready to take a bite of his brownie.

Drew and Mikayla after they had gotten wet from the hose. Jennie put Miki's hair in cute pig tails!
My pretty mom and sister - don't they look just alike?
Uncle Jonathan takes a turn on Drew's dirt bike Uncle Ovid gave him.
Mimi, and Aunt Jennie talk to Jessica while she eats. I tried to get a picture of my daddy, but since he came straight here from work he didn't want a picture in his work clothes! :)

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Jenn said...

aww!!!...we had SOOOO much fun last night!! LoL.....we are such goobers..but hey you got to love us who couldn't lol!!!

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