Thursday, May 24, 2007

Drew's Baseball Banquet 2007

Drew's baseball banquet was held at Mr. Gatti's Tuesday, May 15. We started with dinner of pizza/pasta/salad buffet, and then Coach Craig presented each team member with his trophy! After trophies were awarded, we all went to the game room!! Coach Craig and Ms. Lisa also presented each team member with a framed photo of themselves on the cover of a sports magazine. They are such a wonderful family, and we are so thankful that Drew was able to play on their team this year!!

Coach Craig gets ready to distribute the trophies.
Drew checks out his!
The whole team poses for many pictures!

Mikayla finds an airplane to ride - she wasn't too sure of this at first, but then she decided she really liked it!

Garrett and Drew enjoy a ride on the roller coaster - not a real one of course!

Mikayla's favorite is the same as mine - the carousel!

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