Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baseball Game

I know some of you have been looking for this (post above) for a week now! It has just been one of those weeks (meetings every day, dance, Drew re-injured his ankle, etc.). So, this morning I finally get the chance to post pictures from Drew's game last Saturday! His game was at 10, so Craig and Drew came to watch Mikayla's dances and then headed straight to the ball fields. As soon as Jennie and I got Mikayla and made sure they were on schedule for awards we headed to the field to watch Drew's game. It was an awesome game where every player got a hit and made it on base. Drew even got to play first base some.

Drew gets the opportunity to play first base a little in this game.

Drew getting one of his hits!

Drew waits on first base after his single!

"Taggin' up" Another great game (and another win) Red Sox!

After the baseball game we headed to get lunch then zoomed back to the auditorium for Mikayla's dance competition awards. Today will not be as hectic as last week, but we do have a few things on our calendar (dance pictures, shopping, etc.)

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