Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dance Competition!

We had to be at the Memorial Auditorium this morning at 8:00 for Mikayla's second dance competition of the season. She was dancing two routines in this competition, and they were scheduled for 9:00 and 9:12. She danced first to "Doin' the Penguin" wearing her penguin costume.

Timothy, Jadyn, and Mikayla "flap your flippers up and down".
Go Girls!
"Shuffle step" The end of the Penguin dance. Way to go Timothy, Jadyn, and Mikayla - you did awesome, and we are so proud of you!!

Then, Timothy, Jadyn, and Mikayla danced their second dance to Locomotion."Every bodies doin' a brand new dance now""Come on baby, do the Locomotion""Swing your hips now"The end of the Locomotion dance! Everyone was cheering for them! They did an excellent job! Way to go guys!!

We left directly after Mikayla's second dance to get to Drew's baseball game at 10:00 (see above post). Then we were to return at 12:00 for awards at 12:30. We stopped and got lunch on the way back to the competition, and when we arrived at 12:00 the girls had just gone up on the stage for awards (Ms. Andrea had called and left a message that the competition had finished early so they were moving on with the awards). Ms. Andrea got Mikayla and took her on stage to sit with Jadyn, and Timothy. Luckily they had just started so Mikayla did miss receiving the awards for her group.If you look closely under the big "X" you will see Mikayla as she goes back to the table to get the gold medal and first place trophy for "Doing the Penguin". They also received a gold medal and first place trophy for "Locomotion".Timothy, Jadyn, and Mikayla go to the front of the stage to accept their plaque for fifth place overall (for their Locomotion dance) in the 8 and under duet/trio division. This is an outstanding accomplishment because they were the youngest competing out of 10 groups in this division.

Jadyn, Timothy, and Mikayla pose with all of their awards. Two gold medals, two first place trophies (one for each dance), ribbons and bracelets for the dancers, and the plaque for fifth overall for the Locomotion dance. Way to go guys!! You did your best, and we are very proud of you!!!

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