Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tuesday Night Baseball!

Drew gets ready to bat at Tuesday night's game! He got 2 doubles and a single in this game! One of them could possibly have been a triple or a home run had his ankle been 100%. He's walking/running on it fine in tennis shoes, but he's still limping a little in his cleats. Mrs. Hayes, one of Drew's teachers last year was even there to watch! She commented about how hard he is hitting the ball!
Mimi, Jennie, and Poppi, along with Mikayla, Craig, and I were all there cheering on Drew. At the end of the game, I was trying to get a picture of Jennie and Mikayla and Poppi kept putting his hat on Miki's head.
It really messed up her hair, but you can tell they were loving it from their faces!
We are so proud of the way he and his whole team is playing this year!! They are giving their all in most games, and they won another one on Tuesday!

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