Sunday, April 22, 2007

Injured Ankle

As I mentioned in the last post, Drew injured his ankle at church on Easter Sunday. When it didn't seem to be getting any better on Tuesday, we decided to take him to Urgent Care (our pediatrician's office does not have an x-ray machine). I knew he was in serious pain when I told him he had baseball practice and asked if he wanted to go watch and he replied after I go to the doctor. Since he never asks to go to the doctor, and he never wants to miss baseball practice this got my attention. Then, many emotions went through my mind, but mostly I felt guilty that I had not taken him earlier. Since he could move it and had been limping on it I didn't think it was broken, but I knew to ease my mind, we had to have it checked out to make sure. The diagnosis from the doctor who looked at his x-rays at Urgent Care was just a bad sprain. Since there was not an x-ray tech there when we were there, and he saw a small space between two bones that worried him (the space between the two bones was not identical in width the whole way across) he referred us to an orthopedic. He also put Drew's ankle in a temporary cast. I have never seen one of these, but he folded it around Drew's foot, and then wrapped it with an ACE bandage. He said it was made of fiberglass and would harden just as a cast does. He wanted us to keep that on Drew for 3 days so that it would stay as stable as possible. He also didn't want him to participate in any vigorous activities for a week - in other words no baseball! I am pleased to announce that we did not have to take Drew to the orthopedist because when we called they informed us that if the x-ray tech had not called us after checking the x-rays, there was probably no need for concern.

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